Kim’s 3 Favorite Drinks For Singers During Cold and Flu Season

Kim's 3 Favorite Drinks for Singers During Cold and Flu Season

We’re well into Cold and Flu season, which proves challenging for any singer. My students are always asking me what they can do to keep from getting sick or to help sing when they have a cold. It is extremely important to stay well hydrated as a singer. While water is the most beneficial beverage for the voice, here are my favorite 3 drinks for singers during cold and flu season.

#1- Hot Herbal Tea

Hot Herbal Tea is a wonderful way to warm up during the winter and keep the voice hydrated. Warm beverages help increase circulation in the larynx, and inhaling steam from the drink help to hydrate the nasal passage and sinuses.

While there are a great variety of herbal teas, my favorites to help with wellness are Traditional Medicinals Gypsy Cold Care, Echinacea Plus and Throat Coat.

Quick tip! Need a little sweetener in your tea? Use honey instead of sugar. Honey helps soothe the throat and voice.  It is also known to offer a boost of nutrients.

Gypsy Cold Care

This tea tastes like fall spices. I like to enjoy it frequently when I’m suffering from cold symptoms. I find it helps me to kick the cold quickly.

Echinacea Plus

Echinacea is an herb known for its immune boosting properties. I like to enjoy this tea at the very first sign of illness or when I have been exposed to a sick individual. It’s not my favorite flavored tea, so I often combine it with a more flavorful tea like peppermint or berry. I steep one bag of each gaining the health benefits of echinacea and the flavor of my other favorite teas.

Throat Coat

This tea is spectacular when you have a sore throat. It is sweet and soothing and perfect for singers wishing to show their throat a little extra love.

#2 – Kim’s Soothing Hot Lemonade

Some of my students don’t enjoy the taste of tea, and so for them I recommend my “Hot Lemonade” recipe.

Mix hot water with lemon juice (fresh is best but I use bottled too!) and honey. Adjust the ratio of ingredients to suit your tastes.  It’s simple and soothing.


#3- Immune Boosting Emergen-C

Whenever I have a cold I start my day with a glass of Emergen-C. The extra kick of vitamins and boost of hydration helps me feel better quickly.  Plus it’s a fizzy, tasty treat.

What are your favorite cold and flu season beverages? Try these and let me know what you think. Or leave a comment with your recommendations for what others I should try!

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