My voice lessons are fun, upbeat, positive and customized to my students. I love helping my singers find new songs that they love to help them achieve their musical goals. Singing promotes self confidence, increases brain function and helps foster a love for the arts.

I work with each of my students to establish a clear set of individual musical goals and to work towards achieving them. We work on purifying tone quality, strengthening breath support, increasing vocal range, fostering confidence and developing musicianship.

Lessons include a vocal technique warmup, music theory work and repertoire rehearsal. Lessons are 30, 45 or 60 minutes and are geared for students in 6th-12th grade. I offer a yearly recital and assist my students in preparing for solo and ensemble festivals, auditions, contests and other performances as well.

Lesson Hours


Virtual Studio 

  • Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays (6:00-9:30pm)
  • Additional Dates/Times Offered If necessary.

During Non COVID-19 Times, I typically teach a few afternoons and evenings weekly from my home studio in Hawthorn Woods and a few days at Lake Zurich High School.

Current Lesson Rates

A-La-Cart (single lesson) Rates

  • $35/Lesson (30 Minutes)
  • $45/Lesson (45 Minutes)
  • $60/Lesson (60 Minutes)

2020 Fall Package Rates

Package includes 12 lessons to be scheduled at your convenience through December, 2020.

  • $360 (12 – 30 Minute Lessons)
  • $480 (12 – 45 Minute Lessonsb
  • $600 (12 – 60 Minute Lessons)

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